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About Us

Building a future with a little more hindsight.

Discover Our Vision: Unveiling the Story Behind Vizidine

Vizidine provides photorealistic renderings, visualizations and video animations for the public and private sectors of the architecture and design industries as well as conceptual architectural design. 

At Vizidine, we are incredibly passionate about communicating a vision and enhancing the client experience. We believe that the process of building your dream project should be fun, exciting and relatively stress free. We can help you mitigate that stress by allowing you to visualize exactly what your project will look like once complete. Allowing us to be a part of the design process gives you the ability to test out different material selections, colors, products and structure variations as well as overall design to ensure the final product is exactly what you want. 

Our Process

Start by sending us an email telling us about your project and what you would like rendered. Include any project design files you may have. We can model your project from scratch using a PDF or work with whatever 3D file type your designer is using, such as AutoCAD, Revit, Sketchup, or Chief Architect. These files will help us give you an accurate estimate for your project. Once we receive approval to proceed, we’ll set up a meeting either in person or over the phone to get to know you and your design team and find out more about your project. In this meeting, we’ll go through material selections and design styles. You'll bring any physical material samples you have to the meeting so we can take pictures of them and create seamless materials for the renderings. We’ll also go over the different types of renderings we offer to figure out which type would be best for your specific project. For example, if your project is fairly small, you might just want a few still renderings, and if your project is larger, you might want something more extensive like a video animation or virtual tour. After this first meeting, we’ll start working on your renderings and send you any updates and questions we have. If there are any material or structure changes during this time, just send us a text or email describing the change. If you’re unsure about a change and would like to see a few options rendered, just let us know. If, for any reason, you’re having a hard time explaining the change or would like to test out multiple different options, we can schedule a meeting where we can go through and make any changes you have in real-time. Once we have approval and the client is completely satisfied with the renderings, we’ll send you the final, high-resolution renderings.

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